Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The 2016 Miller family Christmas tree

I earned a mommy merit badge for making Christmas cookies with my children.

Yeah, I'm surprised too.

They made about a hundred and then got to eat some.

We got our much-anticipated Christmas tree.  

Besides Caleb, who put all his ornaments on the same one branch, they did an impressively good job spreading the ornaments all over the tree.

Jeddy, 11 years

When I saw the above picture I couldn't help but think of this vintage 2005 shot:

Jeddy, 6 months

I love having older kids.  Nobody tries to eat the tree or the wire ornament hangers.  We didn't even have to rearrange when they were done decorating.  And this year, we're even thinking of setting out the presents under the tree before Christmas Day.

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