Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The past four weeks have been well filled with Fourth of July, swim team, an extended family reunion, and lots of work for VBS.

Caleb inadvertently discovered how to be the most popular younger sibling at the swim meet: bring a bagful of cars and sit in a dirt patch.

Happy news this summer:  an ice cream truck opened up not one mile from our house.

The family reunion involved some adventure, as below, and the re-meeting of several of my cousins I haven't seen in about 20 years.

Knowing we would want a photo with everyone in it, I spent a while figuring out the timer on my camera.

It definitely required some trial and error.

Finally got it.

The main event was a picnic at this lovely park, next to the choo-choo train.

The youngest generation.

The elder generation.

The middle generation.

All the generations.

I'm very proud that Jason said this was the least painful photo shoot he could remember.  Key reasons, I think, are a jungle gym to climb on, acceptance of imperfection, and speed, speed, speed.

Then it was time to ride the choo-choo!  Those under and over four were equally excited.

It was shockingly loud.

Second cousins

Later on we spent a day at the lake.

Now July is at an end; VBS is over, we've returned home, and my attention turns to my disheveled school room and the next phase of life.

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