Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Living room makeover

When the Christmas tree came down, our living room looked like this:

Bare and uninspiring.

Step one was to rearrange the furniture.

Better already 

During the snowstorm at the end of January, I made a slipcover for the rocking chair, which was very comfortable, but nevertheless driving me crazy with its forest green next to our red couches.

The room redo may not have taken me 2 months if certain forces had not been working against me.

I covered the piano bench as well, made drapes, bought lamps, and put up these nifty decals from Etsy.

A new throw, a few pillows, and a couple of plants later, and... Ta-Da!

Comfy, cozy, and enough light to read a book under that fuzzy blanket.  Ahhhh.

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