Sunday, March 5, 2017

Church people

"I love church... except for the people there."

So said my four-year-old, with characteristic childlike bluntness.

Though we reproved him about loving his neighbors, I love this, because this is the protest of all our Christian hearts, is it not?  We love to come to the Lord's house.  We love to sing our favorite songs, to bask in the blessed words of assurance, to hear His promises wash over us again.

It's just those bothersome people.

They don't serve us as they should.  They don't plan the service as a reasonable person would.  They definitely don't keep the heat up enough during the sermon.  They're not very friendly.  Sometimes they ignore us, and sometimes they're downright rude.

I love this, because I'm one of the bothersome people--yet the Lord welcomes me to His congregation.  I can join the company of imperfect saints and stand alongside them on the promises of Christ.

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