Sunday, January 21, 2018

The second best

We knew taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge would present ample opportunity to spend extra money we didn't want to spend.  Your booked room at GWL includes waterpark passes, yes--but not the spa, MagiQuest, the arcade, bowling, the candy store, the souvenir shop, or Oliver's Time Challenge.

Which is fine, except all those things are brightly lit, clearly marked, and marketed directly at your pre-logical children on the way to the aforementioned waterpark.

Friends ♡

We groaned inwardly as soon as we stepped into the glass elevator and it slid sloooowly past the maniacally cheery arcade.  "Avert your eyes, children!" Jason ordered.

The next time we rode the glass elevator a little voice of mischief near our hips singsonged, "I'm not averting my eyes...."

Caleb's tiny act of rebellion didn't diminish his high opinion of himself though.  One later day at home, while discussing God's glorious work in Christ, Caleb remarked, "Jesus is the nicest in the whole world! ...and I'm second."

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