Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Plan B for Beach

After telling the family No, we can't possibly go to the beach with you during a pandemic, we eventually changed our mind to Jeddy can go along with you as his birthday present to, 22 hours before departure, We're all coming.

Our only pit stop, at a scenic overlook with a rock large enough for someone to go behind.

Plan A was scuttled in favor of a more deserted beach and a shorter drive, rendering it theoretically possible to make it the whole way without stopping.

Children were instructed not to drink on the way.

One of our first discoveries was that the A/C in the car was out.  

It was a windy drive.

Until beach traffic was backed up to a standstill, our shirts were stuck to us, and the dehydrated kids were sweating buckets in the back seat.

We finally got out and walked, letting Jason sweat in solitude until he caught up to us a mile later.

Not the ideal day to wear my fuzzy quarantine pants, then.

But we made it eventually--hopefully not putting western civilization at risk of collapse by plague.

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