Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend

After a day spent playing with a trebuchet and eating turkey, we continued to enjoy the rest of the weekend visit.

Setting up for the annual cousins-with-Nana-and-Grandpa picture, for which the older kids were patient, if not thrilled:

That evening we walked to a playground...

Saturday morning was too cold to play outside for long.  Caleb found Uncle Paul puttering in his basement workshop, where he was given his own object from Paul's stash to take apart with tools.

As the other kids wandered in, they were also given electronics and tools of destruction.

Later Caleb came back upstairs and we asked if he "fixed it."  He cheerfully replied, "No, we broke it."

When it warmed up a little, Micaiah and Caleb had a good time playing outside together.

Sunday morning we packed up and said goodbye.  A very fun weekend for all.

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