Thursday, August 31, 2017

First day of school 2017

Because preparing for back-to-back trips isn't enough, we started school 36 hours after I got home.

Since then, we've completed 3 weeks of school, 2 virtual math class orientations, the end of Sunday school's summer quarter, the beginning of the youth group year, a preschool cooking camp, 6 doctor appointments, and a book club.  

Jeddy's gotten contact lenses and braces, too.  

School is going surprisingly well.  Maybe it's the novelty, or the fact that Jed's math class hasn't actually started yet, but attitudes are pretty cheerful and most days haven't been long.  Caleb is learning to sound out words, which is thrilling; Lizzy and Ada are doing several subjects together, which is fun; and Jeddy is largely independent, which is helpful for everybody.

At the beginning of the summer I took over coordinating early childhood Sunday school classes at church, meaning 3-5 classes, about 10 teachers, and a total of about 60-ish children.  This weekend is Move-Up Sunday--a big event for children who get to "move up" to their new, big-kid classes--and a big event for those in charge of recruiting and training a new staff of teachers and setting up all the new classrooms.  That's what we'll be working on tomorrow, the first day of our 4-day Labor Day weekend.

I'm often tired and I never have enough energy to go around.  I'm the only one in the house who still takes naps these days.  But tonight I find myself thankful as I reflect on where we are in life.  I'm so thankful for a church I love and being able to serve there, growing with my children in love for the Lord.

I'm so thankful I can be together with my family every day in a house that's sturdy and warm.

I'm thankful for food on my table (it gets there one way or another, whether I cook or resort to take-out).

I'm thankful for an affectionate husband who is encouraging in my work and gentle in my weaknesses.

And I'm thankful to know that when my fuzzy start-of-the-fresh-year feelings wear off and everyone's attitude is sour, I'll still be able trust the loving hand of my Father.

Pathetically, this was the best back-to-school picture we got.

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