Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Jeddy "getting use out of" his suit coat I bought him for a now-defunct event.

If we are creatures of habit, and act via habit some huge percentage of the time, it's no wonder these times are making us anxious and confused.  Suddenly I'm having to make decisions a million times a day about things I never, ever thought about before.

When I'm running in the park, and I pass someone going the other way on the track, should I hold my breath as we pass?  How many feet wide is this track anyway?

Should we go to Bible study?  Should we have that planned dinner with friends?  Should I go to the library per usual?  Should we continue our cleaning service?

"Wash your hands as often as possible":  should I be washing my hands right now?

Should I liberally use the last of our hand sanitizer, or should I save it for more dire need?

How much toilet paper is it prudent to use each time?

Should I let my kids go to the playground?

Should I start planting a victory garden?

Should I wipe down my phone with a Clorox wipe and risk killing it, or not wipe it down and risk killing someone else?

Should I love my neighbors by bringing them food or by staying away?

Should I politely meet the mail lady and deliverymen by taking the box directly from their hands or ignore them and let them leave it on the step?  And then can I touch the box?

Should I let my kids get the mail?

How many times a day can I check the news before it's obsessive-compulsive?

The questions go on and on and on, with no end in sight.

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