Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Why I'm serious about quarantine

Ada, circa her second birthday.

Ada, circa her first birthday, after she was released from the IV pole and oxygen tubes.

"Can't you just socialize a little?  Can't you just wear a mask in the store and wash your hands?  Can't you say a friendly hello to the delivery guy?"

Can you forget your baby struggling to heave in breath after breath in the emergency room?  Can you forget the sound of her screaming down the hall while they try to get an IV into her dehydrated arm?  Can you forget how little she looked in the hospital bed, hooked up to tubes every which way--on her arm, her leg, up her nose?

Then neither can I endanger this asthmatic child;  not if I can possibly help it.  There was no Covid when she was hospitalized at 11 months old, and again on her first and second birthdays.  

Getting ready to go home, with a nurse who had time to be kind and comforting.

Do I miss my friends?  Absolutely.  Am I losing my mind in isolation?  Yup.  

Can I think of my daughter and then let down my guard?


Safe at home again, with a big brother who missed her.

Safe at home is where we are, and safe at home is where we will stay.  

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