Sunday, July 9, 2017

Warring with sin

I quoted this John Piper sermon in a recent post, but it's so good it deserves another mention.  File this under "a good word for the Christian discouraged by his/her sin."

One of the ways that the Spirit testifies--gives you evidence--that you are a child of God is that He leads you into war against your sin...  

So, you wanna know if you're a child of God this morning?...  

Ask, have I made peace with sin in my life?

Am I at home with it?

And am I content with it?

And do I get along with it just fine?  

Or, have I been led by the Spirit to make war on it so that day by day I am putting to death the deeds of the body?  

That's how you can know if you're a child of God:  how do you feel about the sin in your life?

Do you hate it and make war on it?  Or do you like it and make peace with it?

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