Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 18: When it Cripples You

This post is part of a 31-day series.

I am a hundred and twenty years old today; I am no longer able to come and go, and the LORD has said to me, "You shall not cross this Jordan."

-Moses, Deuteronomy 31:2

Maybe, like Moses, your one hundred and twenty years of age prevent you from coming and going.  Or maybe it's crippling anxiety or depression that shrinks your abilities.

After bringing the people to the cusp of the Promised Land, God doesn't allow Moses to see the job through.  Moses must give way to Joshua, who will lead the Canaanite conquest.  Moses' superhero feats, it seems, are over.  He is no longer able.

But!  The verses following Moses' admission of weakness record his emboldening words to the Israelites (verses 3-6); his public encouragement of Joshua (verses 7-8); and his giving of the word of God to the priests (verses 9-13).  

In other words, God used Moses to speak the words that prepared the people under Joshua to enter the land--besides writing five entire books of the Bible.  And this when Moses was not "able to come and go."

All these years later, we are still reading the words of Moses, as inspired by God, little remembering his frailty.

What might God be doing through us when all we feel is inability?

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